Posted by: greengal | August 5, 2008

GreenGal’s Book Club

Hey there all you fabulous readers. Since you take the time to read my posts (which will be coming more often!), then I’m going to take a wild guess that you might like to read something a little longer than 150 words. These great books are GreenGal tested and I can assure you they’ll inspire and invigorate you to make greener choices whenever you have the chance.

“Gorgeously Green” Sophie Uliano is the ultimate green fashion maven, and recommends everything from pthalate-free nail polish to eco-friendly designers. She’s chic and savvy and you’ll see her everywhere including the Today Show and on the new Planet Green channel.

“Cradle to Cradle” William McDonough & Michael Braungar’s manifesto has literally changed the way millions of people think about how items are harvested, manufactured, shipped, and what happens when they are no longer viable in their original form. This book will really open your eyes about the true impacts of our consumer lifestyle and the positive change that’s possible with a new mindset.

“Go Green, Live Rich” David Bach has written numerous bestsellers about financial planning: how to live well and retire rich. Isn’t that what we all really want?! This book is filled with punchy graphics and short snippets about the 50 simple ways you can “save the planet and get rich trying.” Lots of fabulous ideas about simple changes you can make that will positively impact your budget AND the environment. Its a win-win and there are lots of pretty pictures for those of you that don’t like to read the aforementioned manifestos.

“It’s Easy Being Green” Crissy Trask guides you through the every day choices you can make to start living a healthier, more eco-savvy life. It really is easy, and you might already be doing some things that you never thought of as being green.

“The Lazy Environmentalist” Josh Dorfman really knows us well. At heart, we’re usually searching for the easiest way to do something – it’s that inner couch potato that I know is inside most of us, even if we don’t want to admit it. Josh’s book shows that you can be hip, stylish, cool, and green without going to that much extra effort. His book is smart, funny, and ultimately the best guide for someone who wants to go green but doesn’t want to work that hard at it. It’s green without the granola.

“The Not So Big Life” Sarah Susanka is best known for her series of “Not So Big House” books – showing that good architectural design can make small spaces sing. In this wonderful book, Sarah shows how those same architectural principles can be used to construct a balanced, joyful life. Enjoying what we have and not craving more (be it clothes, space, money, stuff, etc) is a great lesson to all of us who are trying to live more wisely. This book is a true gift that helps create a richly satisfying life.



  1. Thanks for the info on good books. Cradle to Cradle is on my list!

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